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Grant Writing Course

Teaches non-profit leaders and others how to create a reusable grant template that answers the core questions of grant applications. This course is designed to comprehensively cover various aspects of grant writing, from understanding the grant application to crafting compelling proposals, and evaluation methods and strategies for measuring project outcomes.

This course will provide participants with group, individual or digital instruction, which will include the following modules:

Module 1: Grant Application Review
Module 2: Core Elements of Grant Proposal & Evaluation
Module 3: Making the Case for Funding
Module 4: Performance Review & Evaluation

Organizational Development Training

Is designed to enhance the overall effectiveness and performance of an organization. It involves systematic and planned efforts to improve organizational processes, structures, systems, and culture. The primary goal is to increase an organization's capacity to achieve its objective.

• Change Management
• Managing Conflict
• De-escalation Training
• Performance Management
• Communicating Effectively
• Succession Planning
• Sustainability Training
• Strategic Planning
• Teambuilding for Success
• Excellent Customer Service


Executive Leadership Coaching – Online

Aims to enhance the leadership skills and effectiveness of executives within an organization. This training involves a one-on-one relationship between an executive and Dr. Johnson. The goal is to help the executive identify and achieve personal and professional objectives that contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Initially, we will start with a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other. If you wish to proceed, your investment for a one-hour session is $150.

Client Testimonials

The grant writing support provided by Dr. Teresa Johnson has been invaluable to my organization, True Fast Outreach Ministries. The grant awards will significantly assist returning citizens in need of critical support services including stable housing. Our mission is to offer access to basic needs by centering on providing a safe place where hope is alive. Dr. Teresa Johnson’s work in the non-profit industry uniquely positions her to understand the challenges of non-profit organizations. Because of Dr. Johnson’s skillful writing and research abilities, my organization has experienced a significant increase in revenue.

Robert Graham

Executive Director, True Fast Ministries Outreach

I have been a part of Dr. Johnson grant training class, and I can say this has truly been an experience. She is such an amazing teacher, very patient, she is aways willing to assist whenever needed. I would recommend her class to anyone who wishes to take a grant writing class. Her devotion, dedication, and know ledge is beyond compare. I have always wanted to be a part of a grant writing class, so this is beyond what I expected.

Angela Williams

Executive Director, Mothers Against Murders Association

As an attendee of the 4-week sessions, I was enlightened and empowered by the learning experience. The clarity with which Dr. Johnson presented complex concepts made it easier for me to comprehend the nuances of effective grant writing. The practical insights and real-life examples you shared were invaluable. As a result of the Masterclass, I now feel more confident and prepared to undertake the grant writing process. Your guidance has equipped me with the tools and strategies needed to create compelling proposals that effectively communicate the impact of our projects and align with the vision of potential funding organizations.

Charlotte Wright

Manifest Network Church

I must say thank you so much for giving Rose Trolley the opportunity to take this class given by Dr. Theresa Johnson. We have learned so much that we are ready to take these grants and let the world know who Rose Trolley is. Dr. Johnson gave us the push and the knowledge for Rose Trolley to have an impact on communities that have transportation insecurities in Palm Beach County. We will carry the information that Dr. Teresa Johnson has given us for a very long time.

Tonia Rich

Executive Director of Rose Trolley